We can assist you in obtaining a visa to work in Japan.

Visa for working in Japan

When applying for a work visa, the main things we will check are
✔What professions you will be doing
✔The conditions of work are not against the law (e.g. amount of salary, working hours, etc.).
✔Whether there is a relationship between the school you graduated from and your professions.
✔Work experience in the past.

What Professions are Eligible for a Japan Work Visa?

The major work visas are as follows:

  • Business managers, such as a company president, director, etc.
  • Engineer or specialist in humanities or international services, such as salesperson, engineer, interpreter, foreign language teacher, web designer, etc.
  • Entertainers, such as actors, musicians, singers, dancers, sportspeople, etc.
  • Intra-company transferee someone transferred to the Japanese branch from a foreign company
  • Medical services, such as physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, etc.
  • Professor, such as a university professor or an assistant professor, etc.
  • Researchers at research institutes
  • Skilled workers, such as foreign chefs, animal trainers, pilots, sports trainers, or foreigners who have expertise and skills in certain industrial fields, etc.
  • The point-based system for highly skilled professionals, working visas designed to attract highly-skilled professionals (scientists, engineers, lawyers, and business executives, among others) to come work in Japan by giving them preferential visa processing and residency benefits.

For employers

Employing a person who does not have a residence permit or working outside the scope of the permitted residence permit is punishable not only for the employee but also for the employer.
Even if an employee does not have a work visa, he or she may be allowed to work part-time within certain restrictions, so please contact us if you are considering employing a foreign national.