We can assist you in your application for a permanent visa, including whether you are eligible to apply for a permanent visa.

Advantages of being granted a permanent residence visa

If a permanent residence visa is granted, the following advantages are possible, making it easier to live in Japan.

・No need to renew your visa.
・No restrictions on working activities
・If you change jobs or get divorced, you don’t have to worry about your visa
・Easy to obtain a loan

Before applying for a permanent residence visa

To apply for a permanent residence visa, it is important that you have lived in Japan for a certain period of time.
The period required will depend on the visa you have.
The following points are also important to check

✔ Are there any unpaid or late payments of pension or health insurance?
✔Is it likely that you will be able to lead a stable life in the future?
✔ Have you ever lived abroad for a long period of time?

A permanent residence visa is becoming more and more difficult every year. Whether you can apply now or fix your situation and apply a few years later depends on your circumstances, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note: Highly Skilled Professional

Highly skilled professionals are entitled to various preferential treatment, one of which is that they are allowed to bring in their parents.
If a permanent residence visa is granted, it will be difficult to invite your parents or employ domestic servants, so we will discuss with you which visa is fit for you.